Hi there, I am Dr Shelli Ann. Welcome to my home page. I am passionate about transformative and lifelong learning. I am especially passionate about the sociology of education, educational stratification, teacher education, and the importance of professional voice in education. Click the ‘About Me’ tab above to find out who I am and what I am all about.




To Engage

  1. To occupy or attract interest or attention.
  2. To participate or become involved in.

To Inspire

  1. To fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to dome something creative.
  2. Create a feeling, especially a positive one, in a person.

To Transform

  1. To make a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of.
  2. Undergo a marked change.
  3. The product of a transformation.

A Dash of SaLT Podcast

Click on A Dash of SaLT link above and follow, to experience fresh discussions on Society and Learning Today. Seasoned with just the right touch of experts in education, and a dash of sociological imagination.

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Join me for discussions with experts on Sociology and Learning Theory in today’s society. A global perspective that considers issues of social and educational stratification.

This podcast was created as an outlet for inviting fresh discussions on society and learning today.  In each episode, I am joined by a variety of friends and colleagues to have frank discussions about societal issues that affect learning across the life course. 

What is Transformation?

Surrendering to an irresistible inner urging, one day the caterpillar begins to shed its skin. Revealed within is the hard protective shell that becomes the creature’s home, prison and womb for the change to come. This initiates one of nature’s miracles—the transformation from an immobile chrysalis whose only defense is camouflage— to a breathtakingly beautiful winged aviator we call “butterfly.”

— Robert Gass (2011)

Image credit: Photo credit: Getty Images/NirutiStock