My Publications

Below is a reference list of all my conference papers, presentations and publications. Links are provided where available. Please contact me to request, if not available.

Papers ~ Presentations ~ Publications

Garland, S.A., O’Síoraín, C.A, Sweetman, N. (2021) Every Voice Matters: Building innovative ideas for socially just, inclusive and UDL teaching practices through professional conversation. Unlocking education: developing inclusive education in exclusionary times. European Educational Research Association (EERA) European Conference on Education Research 2021. Geneva, Switzerland, 6-9 September 2021. [Paper] ECER 2021 Conference Abstract

Uí Choistealbha, J., Ní Dhuinn, M. Garland, S., Kaur, T (2021) Droichead: Exploring and Eliciting Perspectives, Experiences and Narratives.  Irish Teaching Council [Report pending publication]. 

Garland, S.A., O’Síoráin, C.A (2021) Every Little Voice Matters: Learner voice, social justice, and a UDL approach to teaching and learning.  The School of Education Trinity College IES Special Interest Group. The Universal Design (UD) Think-Tank, 20 January 2021. 

Garland, S. A. (2020) What’s Your Grá? Discovering your Active Volunteer Disposition. Volunteering in the New Academic Year: Getting started in third-level volunteering.  Irish Universities Association (IUA), Student, Campus Engage seminar, 14 October 2020. [Online Video Presentation] Student Volunteer – Getting Started in Volunteering

Garland, S. A. (2020) A Matter of Civic Education: Lifelong learning and leadership from the Active Volunteer perspective. Opening Up Education: Options, Obstacles and Opportunities, Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) Conference 2020, Dublin City University, Ireland, 04 September 2020. [ECR3.2] pp. 50 [Paper/ Published Abstract] ESAI Conference Abstracts

Garland, S.A. (2020) Finding Volunesia: An Exploration of How Volunteer Identity and Volunteer Learning Through the Life Course Transforms Participants and Develops Enduring Leaders. Trinity College Dublin. School of Education, 28 January 2020. [PhD Thesis]

Garland, S. A. (2019) Learning to be European: Life lessons on personal, social, and cultural identity from volunteer experiences in Ireland. Examine Europe Consortium, Examining European Cultural Identity Through Interdisciplinary Methods, Queens University Belfast, 29 November 2019. [Presentation] Examine Europe Consortium

Garland, S.A. (2019) Lessons From the Heart of the Volunteer: Tension, tenacity and being true to yourself. War and Peacekeeping, Bite-Sized Talks, Trinity Research in Social Sciences (TRiSS), Trinity College Dublin, 28 November 2019. [Paper Presentation] TRiSS Bite-Sized Talks

Garland, S.A. (2019) What’s Your Grá?: Maximizing your volunteer disposition. Trinity Engage Seminar SeriesTrinity Civic Engagement, Trinity College Dublin, 8 September 2019. [Presentation] Trinity Civic Engagement Events

Garland, S.A. (2019) Engage, Inspire Transform Volunteer Workshop: Discover the Active Volunteer Disposition – Revolutionize Volunteer Impact. For Volunteers and Volunteer Advocates. Second European Conference on Service-Learning in Higher Education, Learn to Engage, Engage to Learn. Antwerp 2019. European Association for Service-Learning in Higher Education (EASLHE), University of Antwerp, 19-21 September 2019. [Workshop] ECSLHE Conference

Garland, S.A. (2019) Finding Volunesia: An exploration of how volunteer identity, and volunteer learning through the life course, transforms participants and develops enduring leaders. Presentation of Findings, School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Long Room Hub, 17 July 2019. 

Garland, S. A. (2019) What I Learned From My Doctoral Research: Incorporating creative research methods for robust data generation. 10th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference. School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Long Room Hub, 24 May 2019. [Paper] EdConTCD Conference 2019

Garland, S. A. (2018) PhD Survival 101 – How to Live your Best Life While Completing your PhD. Love Research Postgraduate Research Conference, Trinity College Dublin, 8 February 2018. [Presentation] 

Garland, S. A. (2017) Wide Roads and Tightropes: Navigating balance and expectation for effective partnerships in community-based learning and research.  SRHE International Conference on Research into Higher Education, Higher Education Rising to the Challenge: Balancing expectations of students, society and stakeholders. Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE), Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales, 5-8 December 2017. [Poster] pp 57 SRHE Conference 2017

Garland, S. A. (2017) Wide Roads and Tightropes: Navigating balance and expectation for effective partnerships in community-based learning and research.  The 17th International Association for Research in Service Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) Annual Conference, Gateways – Charting New Territories & Forging Authentic Relationships, NUI Galway, Ireland, 14-16 September 2017. [ Poster]

Garland, S.A. (2017) From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Community-based learning: Inspired by volunteering, transformed by learning and research, PROBE: Research UncoveredTrinity College Dublin, 29 September 2017. [Paper]